2 comments on “29th Stop: Sydney and Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

  1. Well done to you both, so glad you made it safely, now…. you could’nt pop back for Jo’s birthday could you?
    I noticed you did’nt come across any shanks, or did you?
    Rebecca and i have been busy since you left, we are expecting our first child in May, and we have just returned from Tobago.
    I hope you both enjoy Aussie land, am i well Jell……….Yes!
    Mark and Rebecca (From the equally hot Isle of Wight)

    • Thanks!
      We will have to skype for Jo’s birthday – equally fun! (kind of!)
      We didn’t shank anyone on the way, though I came close. (The problem with public transport is all the public really.)
      Can’t believe you are going to have a baby! Someone should report you asap! Of course, we mean… congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Hope Tobago was good? Our next trip may be there, though not flying will be another challenge…

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