This is a blog about our journey – from London, UK to Sydney, Australia ‘overland’, ‘without flying’ and on a budget. Basically we went the whole journey without once boarding an aircraft.

But why?

We could give so many reasons, but here are the obvious ones:

• slow travel at a human scale, is far more human!

• the environmental impact of flying is horrific

• the journey is as much a part of the experience as the destination

• the transitions between cultures and climates was more in context as we moved gradually, rather than entering the time capsule of flying across the world in a single day

• look at our blog! We had an amazing experience only possible by travelling this way

From boarding the Northern Line at Elephant & Castle to camping across the deserts of the outback it was a challenge that we loved.

So, we hope you enjoy the blog, and perhaps it might even be a source of information for anyone wishing to do something similar.

X Chloé & Stephen X

Ps. We also owe much thanks to The Man in Seat 61, who has been source of information and inspiration. See http://www.seat61.com/



3 comments on “About

  1. Hello,

    My girlfriend and I we are planing to do the same trip that you guys have done.
    I was checking at the picture and everything looks absolutely amazing.

    We were thinking to travel for around 6 months. How much have you guys spend roughly?
    Everything included ?

    Thank you so much and I hope you guys will do an other amazing experience as the one you have done!

    • Hi Enrico,

      Thanks for your message! Oh that is very exciting that you’re going to do this trip too. It was 18 months ago for us now, and honestly we still think this is the best thing we’ve ever done.
      We took 3 months for the journey and spent 8500GBP (12,900USD or 9934EU). This includes absolutely everything from boat fares to ice cream to public toilet fees. We spent the most money on the Bali-Perth boat trip (600GBP each), so if that’s your last leg then make sure you have plenty of money allocated to it. It’s the most difficult leg to do without flying and the most likely to cause a financial and time restriction to the trip.
      Good luck with your plans and the journey! Let us know if you make a blog and we will follow your progress!

      As a matter of fact we may have another overland trip up our sleeve, perhaps in 2014 — thanks for your encouragement:)

      Chloe and Stephen

  2. Hi chloe and stephen,
    Gd Mrng from Royal City Mysore, I would like to know how you booked your last leg on Boat Athena. can u pls send link web etc.

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